About us

RENWBATHWe offer home owners and commercial businesses across the UK a highly specialist and effective bath repair, renovation and resurfacing service.

RENEWBATH provide commercial businesses and home owners with incomparable and first class renovation of surfaces, bath-repairs and resurfacing services across the UK.

We provide our customers with the highest standards of chip repairs and bath resurfacing to modern Acrylic baths, Cast Iron, Pressed Steel as well as Classic Victorian baths such as the free standing roll top, in addition to application of anti-slip coatings.

RENEWBATH exceptional services in chip repairs, bath renovations or bath resurfacing is unique and requires special skills.

We deliver our valued customers a guaranteed specialized service where even shades of white are properly color matched. You will be assured a totally renovated and clean bathroom, and shall most of the time exceed your expectations.

Apart from providing traditional restoration, chip repairs and resurfacing services, we also work in compliance with health and safety regulations.

We provide inimitable anti-slip coating for baths and shower trays, which is easy to preserve, effortless to apply and can even last for longer spans of time.

Our unique service of coatings helps in making showers and baths safer when combined with regular maintenance checks. It aids other leisure and hotel industry firms to effectively comply with health and safety requirements.

We always like to hear from our customers and are eager to discuss any problem or advise them on any issue.

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