Bath Re-enamelling

Bath Resurfacing


If you are thinking of replacing a bath made of pressed steel, fiber glass or cast iron that looks stained, old, rough, chipped or its color has faded away with time, we will resurface the bath in white or any UK available RAL color, that is durable and easy to clean, with the use of Isocyanate-free Nano Paint top coat.

RENEWBATH will provide you with a new look bath, fully refurbished, in less than a day, at your home for your convenience. We will also guarantee you an attractive, refreshed and clean bath.

With the correct care, your bath will remain intact for years, with minimal investment, supported by the guarantee RENEWBATH provides.




Our Technical Procedure to resurface a bath
Phase 1: The bath is carefully cleaned with unique decalcifying and degreasing chemicals.
Phase 2: Damaged areas are expertly repaired and smoothed.
Phase 3: Bath fittings and any surrounding areas are masked for protection.
Phase 4: The bath is bonded and covered with three unique pressure-sprayed undercoats using a special paint for the purpose.
Phase 5: The bath obtains three pressure-sprayed coats of Nano Paint top coat.
Phase 6: An infra-red heat treatment is used to cure the applied surface.
Phase 7: The bath is buffed and polished to a high shine.