Surface Repair

Bath tubs repairs


A broken or damaged bath during the installation process or due to an impact can rapidly and effectively repaired in situ by our skilled workers to a high standard that makes the damage difficult to detect.
Our workers who are proficient in their skills can color match every chip before repairing the damaged area.

We provide repair services for Pressed Steel, Acrylic baths and Cast Iron.




Shower trays and Cubicles


Baths and Shower Trays are susceptible to scratches and chips whether they are made of steel, stone, porcelain or plastic. They can be hazardous and unappealing with a horrible gouge out of the surface.

RENEWBATH can expediently and effectively make a local repair that can be extremely difficult to detect. Our talented workers restore every chip meticulously.






Anti-slip surface application
tile_close_up_side_angleIf someone slips in the bath, it can hurt. Yet even today, many baths don’t have a non-slip application. Rubber mats can look unsightly as well as harbouring the sorts of germs we would rather not think about.
If you run a hotel or a guest house, it’s your responsibility to consider guests’ health and safety. When a valued client slips in one of your baths, it costs more than the compensation for any injuries they may suffer. It also hurts your reputation and promotes the image of a hotel that doesn’t care.

The solutions
We offer several solutions to suit your needs and requirements whether you’re a hotel with hundreds of baths or private customer with just the one. Our anti-slip surfaces can be applied quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption and can be ready for use immediately.

Chemical cleaning
how-to-clean-bathtub-shower1Baths and sanitary ware that are generally in good condition but have become stained or lime-scaled, can be thoroughly cleaned using Renewbath’s own special preparations. In addition basins, sinks, w/c’s shower trays and bidets will all respond to this efficient and economical service.





Sanitery ware

In the event that you have a broken porcelain or antique part of sanitary ware that needs repair, we are at your service to mend your bath to its original condition.
RENEWBATH provides a unique renovation service (in addition to resurfacing) that will save our customers significant costs.
With the use of contemporary tools that allow our workers to make repairs effectively, we have the ability to even replicate crazing or marbling effects to achieve the rightful completion with an attractive finish.


Work Surfaces & Kitchen Doors

granite_3_300_9214The kitchen is the heart of any home, and any minor damage to work tops or units can be very upsetting, as it results in long delays when put out for sale due to its dented condition.
RENEWBATH have managed to establish a special expertise in pattern and color matching to prevent reordering limited or scarce materials.







UPVC Windows and doors


The UPVC doors and windows became commonly used by present day builders. However, their product dependability should not be underestimated. RENEWBATH workers can remove scratch marks, gouge and restore the surface as per our client’s expectations using a combination of skill sets aiming at saving valuable time and unnecessary cost.




Stainless steel


Stainless steel within the home provides a neat and modern touch. However, it can look unpleasant when scratched or scuffed.

The damage to stainless steel can be repaired using gentle polishing skills, allowing the item to return to its original shiny look.





00-refinishing-xLook around the average house or flat and there are any number of natural wood, tiles and laminated surfaces that can succumb to accidental damage. In virtually every case the Renusurface team can invisibly repair surface scratches, burns, scuffs and chips, to the satisfaction of the most scrupulous inspector.

Natural wood
With hundreds of different woods and finishes available, finding suitable replacements is a time-consuming and costly exercise. In most cases we can carry out a repair that will blend in with the natural character and grain of the wood.

Laminate floorings found in many modern properties uses an interlocking construction system meaning that damage to any area of the floor requires lifting and replacement which can be costly, disruptive and time-consuming. Think how much easier it would be if you could just repair the damaged section, and retain the undamaged areas.


From the restoration of an Art Deco hallway to a simple cracked wall or floor tile, we will find a satisfactory finish. When old, discontinued or rare tiles need replacing it can prove an impossible task to match them. With our wealth of skills and techniques we can repair or replicate the finish of very many tiles making them virtually indistinguishable from the original.

Marble stone and Granite

Homebuyers’ preferences in interior designs are becoming more sophisticated and unique. It is natural to chose marble or stone for bathrooms and kitchens. At best, any potential damage can be embarrassing, but at worst it can be extremely expensive and arduous to fix.

RENEWBATH has a team of skilled technicians who can provide permanent repairs to meet client’s satisfaction.

Resurfacing vs Retiling

Retiling is an expensive and time consuming process, as it requires re-plastering of the backing wall before application of new tiles.

RENEWBATH provides resurfacing service for tiles of any type to specific colors, in comparatively less time and cost. This provides an additional advantage of not having to re-grout making the tile relatively stress-free to clean.